77 Royalty Free Music MP3 Tracks

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77 Royalty Free Music MP3 Tracks

If you know nothing about making films, is it a horrible idea to go to film school for college?

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i have always been interested in it, but i know nothing about it…do they expect you to know what you are doing ahead of time?

Can i give advice for a film making.?

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I wish for a very good film.Because many of films in the world but it will make for all of the generation and it will for learn economic, learn what is life, learn, learn sex, learn older and young life etc.So total film will be separate from latest film. (I don’t know good English , i can’t explain total base). Thank you, Sirajul Haque.

Making YouTube tributes/obtaining film clips?

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So, I used to think those You Tube tributes to certain things/people were silly. Now I see you can do some really lovely things with all this technology. I thought id put my degree in film making to some use, but how does one go about getting actual clips from films and getting them in the edit software? And how do you avoid infringement issues?

what is a good software for film making?

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i want to make films by running hundreds of pictures together as a film i have previosly had the lego studios steven speilberg kit but it no longer works on computer i would like either a free download or kit with software and webcam plz help
price around £20 but send links for higher anyway

Dedicated HD Camcorder or DSLR Camera for film making?

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I am in a dilemma, some DSLRs can produce 1080p format I believe. But does it have the capabilities to have stuff added onto it to enhance it like boom mics for audio?
What kind of films would a film maker have to produce for him to choose a HD camcorder or a DSLR?

What is the best camcorder to use for a beginner (amature) making a film and starting to make films.?

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I am starting to shoot films and I need to find a cheap ($150-$250) camcorder. Does anyone have any suggestions on a GOOD camcorder that shoots good quality video?

Need a powerful slogan for a corporate film making video production house!?

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need a nice slogan for a video production house, that deals in corporate film making, documentaries, ad films. thanks in advance

Does someone know about a good institution to study film arts and film making ?

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To be able to film, edit and produce any kind of films.

Is there any film making or in the industry forum groups online?

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I have a degree in film an A/A degree. I have a very creative and talented person. I’d like to work behind the scenes of TV studios or films or whatever and eventually create my own independent film. Its fun, entertaining and just a thrill. How would i go about doing this? anyone have any expats or online groups that network of these sort of opportunities?

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