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It is said that Indians are passionate about two things in their life i.e. cricket and movies. Cricket and movies have captured the imagination of the people and there are numerous examples of individuals raking the mullah, by establishing in both these fields. However, movies have an extra edge as it reaches out to a larger base. This is what makes the Indian movie industry one of the largest in the world, even surpassing Hollywood.

When it comes to movies, Indians are hooked to the typical Hindi masala flicks that are churned out every year. These films are largely based around tee age romance, revenge stories and the usual dancing around the trees with multiple songs thrown in. The industry has some big names, consisting of stalwarts and legends such as Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan. The market of the movies is not just limited to India a sizeable amount of the revenue comes from the overseas market.

It would be wrong to mention that the Indian movie industry is represented by mainstream Hindi cinema. In fact, one can find various regional industries, which mainly cater to the local people. Be it the Tamil, Telegu, Oriya, Bengali, Assamese, the local movie industry is thriving and represents the apprehensions of the people and its culture as a whole.

With fresh new directors and good script writers, the impetus now is to document stories which are more realistic and portray the essence of India and its people. There are number of directors who have made path breaking movies and are much admired world over.

With the commercialization, more and more investments are coming from aboard. The real objective is to make good movies with sensible subject and in turn earn a good return. Big producers and studios such as Warner bros and 20th century fox are tying up with the local production houses to do business. In fact, it can be said that the Indian movies have arrived for sure to set fire on the global market. It has created a niche and this is what makes the industry a global player in true sense

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