Tropically Speaking, NASA Investigates Precipitation Shapes, Sizes for Severity

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Tropically Speaking, NASA Investigates Precipitation Shapes, Sizes for Severity
Rain drops are fat and snowflakes are fluffy, but why does it matter in terms of predicting severe storms?

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Baby Looney Tunes Cartoons Still Amazing

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Even from this early age, Bugs is still a cool bunny, Daffy is always self-centered and Tweety is even sweeter than as an adult. The Baby Looney Tunes cartoon series is a very interesting adaptation of the original Looney Tunes idea. By going back in time, all your favorite Looney Tunes characters gain even more charm and charisma, as babies discovering the world around them.

Baby Bugs Bunny – although he is not yet the confident and always on top bunny we got used to, Bugs already has the qualities that will make him a star in the future. The natural leader features characteristic to Bugs Bunny are still uncertain with baby Bugs, but his adventures teach him how to enjoy the good life.

Baby Daffy – although baby Daffy learns a lesson with each new type of trouble he causes, he is still the source of most problems for the Looney Tunes gang. Even though he isn’t even out of diapers, baby Daffy wants everything to go his way.

Lola – she is always out there to prove something, both to herself and the rest of her friends. Baby Lola is a big dreamer and is the most emotional of the Looney Tunes group.

Sylvester – always hungry for something childhood has to offer, Sylvester the baby cat is often frustrated with things around him. This is why he uses his baby cunningness to get thing going in his favor.

Tweety – sweet and honest, Tweety represents the very spirit of childhood. She is empathic with everyone else’s problems and has a kind and caring soul. Tweety is optimistic and dreams big, and this makes her one of the most adorable Looney Tunes characters.

Taz – this little tornado is easily distracted by anything moving around him. Although his speech is underdeveloped and funny, he has a kind heart and quite often a goofy behavior.

Granny – she allows the Baby Looney Tunes characters to develop and grow at their own pace, but she also looks out for them with a caring grandma attitude.

As stated on Wikipedia, the show premiered on WB stations usually before or after Kids’ WB! on September 14, 2002. The show is similar to Muppet Babies, with the main characters taken care of by Granny.

The series officially ended on April 20, 2005, but a made-for-TV movie called Oh, Max is planned for release in summer 2007 and will serve as the series finale.

Other cool cartoons like Beetlejuice, the Wacky Races cartoons and Tom and Jerry are also available on our site.

Do you appreciate and like Bugs Bunny?

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Bugs Bunny He is so funny, charming, and witting. No matter the situation his adversary or adversaries just can’t seem to outwit and get the better of him. He can always outsmart Daffy Duck his jealous bitter rival who wants his spotlight, add in Elmer Fudd, the Bull, Wile E Coyete, and any other adversary.
One of the best catch phrases “Ah What’s up Doc.” He never gives up, doesn’t let his spirit get corrupted, and always remain positive.

Add in from WB
So how has this rabbit managed to win the hearts of virtually every age of movie fan around the world? Simple. The gregarious but truly lovable Bugs Bunny always wins, no matter who he’s battling, and no matter what the situation. No bully is too big, no hypocrite safe, no pompous adversary so powerful, that Bugs can’t joyfully whittle him down to kindling wood.

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Read the rest of the wascally rabbit at the this link.
He always remains positive.

Why is One Tree Hill Seasons 1-7 DVD Boxset So Cheaper?

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Buydvdhere sells the One Tree Hill Seasons 1-7 DVD Boxset with $52.07, One Tree Hill is an American teen, young adult television drama created by Mark Schwahn, which premiered on September 23, 2003 on The WB Television Network. After its third season, The WB merged with UPN to form The CW Television Network, and since September 27, 2006 the network is the official broadcaster for the show in the USA. On February 25, 2009, The CW renewed the show for a seventh season. The show is set in fictional town Tree Hill in North Carolina and originally follows the lives of two half-brothers, Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (James Lafferty). Their relationship evolves from heartless enemies to caring brothers, and the basketball drama, as well as the brothers’ on-again/off-

again romances with female characters, are significant elements within the series. The first four seasons of the show focus on the characters’ high school years. With the beginning of the fifth season, Schwahn decided to skip the timeline four years ahead, showing their lives after college. The seventh season will move one year into the future. …

I saw the One Tree Hill that it is bought at recently when everyone was in high school. I only saw two episodes of the show when they in high school the rest I have seen in flashback from the shows current run. I didn’t actually begin to watch One Tree Hill until about a season or two ago.

I can’t catch up to everything without going back and watching the reruns of when they were all in school together but that’s OK. The episode’s where they were going to make a movie out of Luke’s book helped me to figure out where some of the characters fit in at least. When I first began to watch the show it was because there wasn’t anything on that I wanted to watch so I decided to give One Tree Hill a try.

I’m not sure why but the character I like the best is the one that everyone but one little boy seems to hate. Dan is Luke and Nathan’s father, he also went to prison for killing their uncle. His grandson Jamie is the only one that seems to like him, and I can’t help but feeling touched whenever I see how much Dan cares for the little boy. I cried when the dog ate the heart that Dan was supposed to get after missing out on the first one because of a crazy woman.

One Tree Hill is a show that I first thought was going to be one of these shows were all the problems are solved by the end of the show. I was pleasantly surprised when they weren’t, and that some of the subjects were more difficult to deal with than others. That fact is one that I enjoy very much. Although some of the stories are better than others, and it’s not a hard decision to make to watch something else in its place if the show is a rerun or even when it’s not.
While I find the show enjoyable it’s no longer a must watch with the changes. This means that I can only give it a six at the most unless they decide to give Dan his heart, and find someway
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?Gilmore Girls’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

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From 2000 to 2007, the world of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore in the town of Stars Hollow, Conn., captivated the imagination of television viewers. ‘Gilmore Girls‘ started on the WB, ended on the CW, and today lives on in syndication and DVD as one of the most charming, whimsical and poignant shows about family relations.


The reruns every weekend on SoapNet have also shown how many wonderful performers were part of ‘Gilmore Girls,’ and how many have gone on to continued success in other television programs. Here’s a round up of the stars and where you can see them now:

Alexis Bledel: Growing up on television isn’t always kind, but few did it as effortlessly as Alexis. She was the quintessential overachiever as Rory. Even before the show ended, Bledel was branching out with movies like ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ and ‘Tuck Everlasting.’ In 2009, she did a short stint as Dr. Julia Wise on ‘ER,’ and is continuing to pursue a film career.

Lauren Graham: As hot mom Lorelai, Lauren Graham was a screwball comic heroine in the tradition of Rosalind Russell, talking fast while showing depth and vulnerability. Since the show wrapped, Graham appeared in a few films that failed to live up to her talents, like ‘Because I Said So’ and ‘Flash of Genius.’ She stepped in for Maura Tierney in NBC’s ‘Parenthood’ and has been wonderful as screwed-up single mom Sarah Braverman. Do we smell an Emmy?

Melissa McCarthy: She was Lorelai’s best friend, Sookie, then went on to be Samantha’s best friend Dena on ‘Samantha Who?’ but in her new CBS sitcom ‘Mike and Molly,’ McCarthy steps out from the sidekick role to be the star of the show. The new fall comedy from ‘Two and a Half Men’ and ‘Big Bang Theory’ mastermind Chuck Lorre has all the earmarks of a hit.

Scott Paterson: On ‘Gilmore Girls,’ Paterson was sensitive macho man Luke Danes. He appeared during the show’s entire run and since the end the series, he’s been in two shows — ‘Aliens in America’ and ‘90210′ — as well as reprising his role as Agent Strahm in the ‘Saw’ films. This fall, he’ll star on the mysterious, action-packed new NBC fall series, ‘The Event.’

Kelly Bishop: The ultimate ‘Gilmore Girls‘ was really Emily, Lorelai’s mother. As played by Kelly Bishop she was an imposing presence. In the years since the end of the show, Bishop’s appeared on both ‘Law & Order: SVU’ and ‘Mercy’ in multiple-episode arcs.

Edward Hermann
Like Kelly Bishop, Edward Hermann brought dignity and authority to his role as family patriarch Richard Gilmore, not to mention great humor and class. He works constantly and appeared on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ as Dr. Norman Shales, and more recently on ‘Law & Order: SVU.’

Matt Czuchry:
For the last three years of ‘Glimore Girls,’ Czuchry played the man in Rory’s life — Logan Huntzberger, , a spoiled newspaper heir more interested in fun that his future. After a brief turn on ‘Friday Night Lights’ as a Christian radio host, Czuchry emerged this past season as Cary on ‘The Good Wife.’ Despite his character being fired at the end of the season, he will continue on the show as Alicia’s adversary in the state attorney’s office.

Milo Ventimiglia:
Most people know him best as Peter Petrelli on ‘Heroes,’ but his first claim to fame was as bad boy Jess on ‘Gilmore Girls.’ The WB tried to spin off the character, but if didn’t click. However, Ventimiglia was really on target as the power-absorbing Peter on ‘Heroes,’ even when his character veered from good to bad and back again. Also while doing ‘Heroes,’ the actor played Rocky’s son in the last of Sylvester Stallone’s franchise, ‘Rocky Balboa.’

Jared Padelecki: As Dean on ‘Gilmore Girls,’ Padelecki spent 63 episodes chasing Rory, catching her and then losing her in the midst of her transition to Yale and his doomed high school marriage. He was a star on the rise and CW paired him with Jensen Ackles in the sci-fi series ‘Supernatural.’ The combo worked perfectly and as brothers, they’re both still thriving on the show, which is going into its sixth season.

Keiko Agena:
As much as Rory grew in the years ‘Gilmore Girls‘ was on the air, so did her best friend, Lane Kim. Like Bledel, Agena was on ‘ER’ and more recently guested on ‘Private Practice’ and ‘Castle.’

Sean Gunn:
Character in Stars Hollow like Kirk added to the charm of ‘Gilmore Girls.’ Gunn was endearingly annoying as the town nuisance. Currently, Sean’s been all over TV as the commercial pitch man for KGB.


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